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Alison, Chloe-Jane and Rich are local working parents who are passionate about our community. We think Bromley Borough Council can provide better outcomes for Beckenham by being more strategic with its choices and priorities.  We want to bring fresh ideas, professional expertise and a more imaginative approach to the Council so it can provide more than the minimum. So we are standing in the May 2018 local Council elections, for the Liberal Democrat party.


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Oppose Bromley Police Merger with Croydon and Sutton

Bromley police are merging with Sutton and Croydon police.  Combining Bromley, Croydon and Sutton would create a huge area which is is just too big for one unit to cover without their own dedicated resources. Local people are concerned that Bromley Police will spend too much time in Croydon and Sutton. Please sign the petition […]

Corner Ways Crossing Petition

There are no safe pedestrian crossings at the three-way junction by Corner Way Surgery.  Local people do not feel safe crossing at the junction of Manor Rd, Bromley Rd and Wickham Rd. This is a busy pedestrian route with local people crossing for Corner Ways Surgery, the High Street, Beckenham Junction and Harris Beckenham Green […]

Safe Junction Copers Cope Rd

Campaign for urgent road safety improvements at the junction of Copers Cope Rd and Southend Rd. This junction is notoriously dangerous for pedestrians, drivers and cyclists yet nothing has been done for years. Not a day goes by where there is not a near miss of some sort. Official crashmap statistics show how dangerous the junction is in […]

Safer to School | Safer for All

Families should have a safe journey to school. By making our roads safer to school we make them safer for all. Bromley Council’s insistence on waiting for KSI (Killed or SeriouslyInjured) statistics before taking action on dangerous roads is completely unacceptable. Sign the pledge for: Traffic calming measures and safe crossing places on school routes. Prompt action to […]

Copers Cope Crossing Petition

Copers Cope Road is a notorious rat run, plagued by speeding and anti-social motoring.  There is not a single pedestrian crossing on this road despite it servicing a busy mainline train station, a bus route and nearby Worsley Bridge School.   The junction by Park Road is particularly busy with pedestrians needing to cross for New […]

Village Way Crossing Petition

A safe crossing is urgently needed on Village Way (in central Beckenham) by the cut through to Kelsey Way for the Harris Schools. The junction of Village Way and Whitmore Road is a busy route for local children, parents, grandparents and childminders on their way to Harris Primary and Harris Secondary School on Manor Way.  […]

Closure of Baby Clinic at the Beckenham Beacon

Beckenham parents were shocked on 2 September when they turned up to their Baby Clinic at the Beacon to find it has been closed down without warning. The service had previously been run by Bromley Healthcare as part of the health visiting services but these services were moved to Oxleas trust on 1 October after […]

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