Bromley Council agree to install a refuge on Village Way

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Following public outcry andover 2800 signatures on the Lib Dem petition for a safe crossing on Village Way the Council have agreed to consider installing a refuge.  This is a wonderful testament to local people that came together to petition for this change.

This proposal is a good start and local people will welcome the consultation on a safe crossing point.   However, will need to wait for the detailed plans to see whether the refuge will provide a satisfactory safe crossing for local people and does in fact slow the traffic down.


Some local people  have already expressed concern that a proper crossing is not being installed. The following video helpfully explains what options the Council has.

My Beckenham Team launch road safety campaign – Safer to School | Safer for All

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Beckenham Liberal Democrats have launched the road safety campaign Safer to School | Safer for All. By making our roads safer for the journey to school we can make them safer for all.

The campaign was started in Beckenham by of Lib Dem campaigners Chloe-Jane Ross, Alison Davis and Rich Wilsher, all parents with school-age children.

Beckenham may have a Kent postcode, but like other parts of the borough traffic problems are inner-London. Many roads are notorious for speeding, rat-running and lack of safe crossings. The school-run is especially problematic on residential roads. Families who walk to school are concerned about the lack of safe crossings on route, but some routes are so dangerous families choose to drive, which of course adds to the congestion. And the Council have proved resistant to the pleas for change from local residents – pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike.

Copers Cope Road, Brackley Road and Worsley Bridge Road are really bad for speeding and have no proper crossings.  We campaigned for a proper crossing on Copers Cope Road by New Beckenham station to help families heading to school and rail users. It would also help slow down speeds along Copers Cope Road.  The Council dismissed our petition and the views of local people. Instead installing a refuge that is too small and, as many local people have complained, on the wrong side of the junction. We think our Council can and should do better than this.

Many London councils have already invested in innovative road safety schemes to make our streets safer and more liveable. Bromley is lagging behind with out-of-date traffic policies that rely on KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) statistics before implementing road safety schemes.

This is completely unacceptable and local people have had enough. We want Bromley Council to listen to residents’ testimonials on near misses and lucky escapes – before someone is killed or seriously injured.

We ask all local citizens who are concerned about road safety to sign the Safer to School | Safer for All Pledge, calling for:

  • Traffic calming measures and safe crossing places on school routes.
  • Prompt action to deal with road safety and traffic issues, on residential as well as main roads.
  • A common sense Road Safety policy that listens to local people. 

Together we can influence change and make our streets safer and more liveable for all.

Sign the Pledge

Tackling private rogue landlords – Bromley Council opt out of database

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Just before Christmas a new London database was launched providing details of landlords and letting agents who have been successfully prosecuted for housing offences.  It will help give Londoners greater confidence in privately renting a home by allowing them to check a prospective landlord or letting agent.

Currently it only receives information from 10 Boroughs (Brent, Camden, Greenwich, Islington, Kingston, Newham, Southwark, Sutton, Waltham Forest, Westminster) and a further eight Boroughs are committed to joining. However, you have guessed it…. Bromley Council have no plans to join!

So why doesn’t the Council want to join a London wide scheme supported by the Mayor of London that names and shames unscrupulous private landlords and letting agents to protect residents that rent privately?

Perhaps it is because Bromley Council do not have much to contribute to the database as they do not undertake much enforcement activity for privately rented flats. The following abridged table below shows how Bromley compares with other councils (the full table can be found in ROGUE LANDLORDS IN LONDON: A survey of local authority enforcement in the private rented sector Lib Dem GLA Member Caroline Pidgeon).

My Beckenham believe that local people that rent privately deserve as much protection as possible.  Also, council tax payers, whose money is being spent on housing benefit to private landlords, want to know their money is being spent on decent homes.  We also think that as the number of rented properties in the increases Bromley Council need to undertake commensurate inspections and enforcement as required. Councils have extensive powers to protect private renters. Bromley Council must start to use them.

If you agree please sign our campaign.


Village Way Crossing Petition hits 2200

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The Lib Dem petition for a safe crossing on Village Way was signed by over 700 people yesterday following a shocking video uploaded by a concerned parent showing just how dangerous it is for school children to cross at the junction of Village Way and Whitmore Rd.

See the video here.

When we started this petition in November in support of local families the Portfolio Holder for the Environment said “The council is aware of the current and past concerns of some residents and has reviewed all the available evidence in recent times and concluded that statistically in terms of accidents, injuries and speeding, Village Way does not stand out as being a ‘dangerous’ road.   This video provides irrefutable evidence that crossing Village Way to get to school at this junction is dangerous.  We hope the Council will now heed the concerns of local parents and do something about this before there is an accident.

As we have reached over  2000 signatures the petition can be presented at the Environment Scrutiny Committee, if we get to 4000 we can present it at a full Council. So please continue to share it.

Road Safety in Beckenham

It is not just Village Way that has road safety issues. There are well known issues all over Beckenham, including Copers Cope Road where the Council dismissed our petition for a crossing by New Beckenham Station last year.

Copers Cope Liberal Democrats, Alison, Chloe-Jane and Rich have launched a road safety campaign…

Safer to School|Safer for All

We believe families should have a safe journey to school and that by making our roads safer for the journey to school we make them safer for all.

Find our more and support our campaign here.

Public Meeting

We would like to invite you to a meeting with discuss road safety issues in the Copers Copers area (near Worsley Bridge School, Clare House School and St Mary’s School), to hear your experiences, and make a plan of action.

  • Time: 7pm
  • Date: 29 January 2018
  • Venue: Worsley Bridge School (go to main entrance), Brackley Road , Beckenham BR3 1RF

You can also join the meeting’s Facebook Event page by following this link:

If you are not able to make it, please email us your comments at  



Tell us what you think

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We are Alison, Chloe-Jane and Rich, local Council candidates for Copers Cope ward of Beckenham. We’ve all lived in Beckenham for several years, volunteered in our local community and between us have children who attend local nursery, primary and secondary schools.










Beckenham is a pretty decent place to live (actually we love it); however it is not without its problems:

  • A lack of school places.
  • Speeding and ‘rat-running’ and on residential roads.
  • Dangerous crossings and road junctions just waiting for an accident to happen.
  • Over-development of flats.
  • No affordable housing.
  • Fly-tipping and fly-posting.
  • Overflowing bins and infrequent street cleaning on many roads.
  • Stretched police resources.
  • Fewer independent shops on the High Street and less variety.
  • Lack of office space, reducing local jobs and day time business to local shops.
  • Green spaces and parks that need more care and attention.
  • Crowded trains and fare price hikes.

There are also some missed opportunities as well:

  • Changing planning polices to improve the High Street shop fronts so they are in keeping with the Conservation area.
  • Investing in local commercial real estate so as to influence the mix of shops and retain office space, rather than invest our Council tax in commercial property schemes outside the borough.
  • Increasing outpatient healthcare and social care services at the Beckenham Beacon so local people do not have to travel to the PRU, Kings College Hospital or to other parts of the borough.

We think the Council could do better on all these issues. We know that budgets are tight, however the answer is not just cuts. There are solutions that require innovation, being open to new ideas and looking for smarter way to deliver local services.

Local people know this, which is why most importantly Bromley Council should be listening to local people. Poor consultation characterises our Council and it is a top priority of ours to change this. We will hold regular surgeries in Beckenham Town Centre starting now! We are also seeking your views in our online survey.

Please come along for a chat, every other Saturday morning at 10.30am at Burger and Bubbles, Southend Road (by the Waitrose entrance).

  • 20 Jan
  • 3 Feb
  • 17 Feb
  • 3 March
  • 17 March
  • 31 March

Survey – Tell us what you think.
Let us know what is important to you and your family online.

Beckenham Residents’ Survey

We hope to hear from you soon!

All the best,
Alison, Chloe-Jane & Rich

Hello Beckenham

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Welcome to the My Beckenham website, home of three local working parents passionate about our community and campaigning for a safer, cleaner, brighter Beckenham.

We think the Council can do more with what it has, more than receive tax and provide statutory minimum services.

Our Council needs some fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. So we are running for as Candidates at the Local Election in May 2018.  As Liberal Democrats we aspire to the values of liberty, equality and community …. well who wouldn’t?

We hope our blog will keep you informed on local issues and let you know our thinking.

Your views are important to us, it would be wonderful if you could complete our survey:

Beckenham Survey

Warm wishes

Alison, Chloe-Jane and Rich