Meet your team

Alison, Chloe-Jane and Rich are local working parents who are passionate about our community. We think Bromley Borough Council can provide better outcomes for Beckenham by being more strategic with its choices and priorities.  We want to bring fresh ideas, professional expertise and a more imaginative approach to the Council so it can provide more than the minimum. So we are standing in the May 2018 local Council elections, for the Liberal Democrat party.

Alison Davis

Alison Davis moved to Beckenham in 2006, looking for a leafy area to bring up a young family. After a number of years working in the Housing and Planning Departments of the Civil Service, she made the move to working for herself and is now the co-owner of a Beckenham events management company which runs a successful vintage fair in the area.

She brings this local knowledge to the steering group for the Beckenham Improvement District, the project intended to take over Beckenham’s town centre management. As a firm believer in the twin benefits of flexible working for improving both economic productivity and local engagement, Alison is an advocate for greatly increased local support for start-ups and flexible workers in Beckenham.

Alison is passionate about education, particularly in promoting equality of opportunity for economically disadvantaged children and of understanding and supporting the cause of those who speak English as an additional language. She has served as a governor at primary schools in both Bromley and Lewisham boroughs.


Chloe-Jane Ross

Brought up in West Wickham, Chloe-Jane works in public sector strategic and financial planning.  She has lived off Copers Cope Road for 10 years, and her daughter attends a local state primary.

Chloe-Jane is highly regarded having chaired the largest Residents’ Association in Beckenham. She has considerable experience of working with Councillors and Council Officers on local delivery.  She has worked tirelessly over the last five years to ensure that local people are properly consulted, planning and development applications are scrutinised and residents views taken into account, high town centre management standards are maintained, and local heritage and green spaces are supported. She also runs community Market on the Green and other events for the town.

A strong advocate for high quality town planning, she is angered by Bromley Council’s weak response to office-to-residential conversions. As a consequence central Beckenham is stuck with poor quality ‘dog kennel’ flats throughout - and no office space.

Chloe-Jane is clear that a more strategic and imaginative Council approach with high quality consultation is required. She brings professional expertise and extensive experience across Bromley Council portfolios.


Rich Wilsher

Rich and his young family live on Brackley Road in Beckenham. He works as a treasurer for a social housing company, having spent a decade as a financial analyst in the city.

He is a keen runner, and helped to established the Beckenham Place Parkrun, where he regularly volunteers on Saturday mornings. He is also an ardent Crystal Palace supporter, leading a campaign which helped save the club from insolvency several years ago.

Rich has been campaigning for greater road safety in Beckenham. He has received TFL’s support for a crossing at New Beckenham station, and wants to see reduced speed zones introduced around all the borough’s schools. He is also determined to increase the transparency, accessibility and consultancy of Bromley Council.